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Sinara Foss

I was taking a shower without thinking, only minding the drawings in the wall formed by the glazed tiles, when a black bright arm entered by the top hung window slightly above my head trying to grab me.
At a glance, I realized it should be a very tall being to be able to thread the arm there. I shouted as I did not deem I was able to and tried to close the slot.
Making a lot of effort, I pushed it until that piece of arm broke, detached from the rest of the body and fell to my feet continuously moving.
Horror controlled me and my screams nearly deafened me such was my fear and lack of control.
On the bathroom box, a kind of dark and viscous blood sprouted from that limb. It was as black as oil. I started to hit it in the attempt to make it stop moving. Disgust and nausea took control of me insofar as I beat that hand hard and soon it shredded into small pieces. Needless to say that those miserable tiny bits had lives of their own and they ran to the drains along with the water.
Little by little I calmed down. My breath returned to normal. With a terry towel I started to dry my body out vigorously until the skin was red. At no time I could avert my gaze to the place where those arm and hand remnants had vanished.
I was dressing up with my heart beating so fast I could hardly breathe when the lights turned off. I swallowed and left the bathroom groping along the walls until the kitchen where I knew there were some candles in one of the sink drawers ready to be used in case of lack of light.
Once I found them, I lit one. After some seconds, when the flame was strong I turned it so that the heat would melt and the wax would slowly fall on the box matches. I pressed the inferior part of the candle, joining the two extremities together and I hold them so that they were glued and joined. With that precarious illumination followed by my shadows I walked around the house to certify that all openings were closed.
With awe I realized that under the door, something – I would not be able to explain exactly what– something dusky and dense crawled inside out. Rapidly I was able to see; even with the candle dim light that fluid huddled and shaped a body like mine. A structure with upper and lower limbs, not with flesh and blood though. The structure was composed by a shiny dark viscous liquid. It was such a bright glossy fluid that it could illuminate more than the weak candle which I held in my trembling hands.
The figure’s gloomy hand reached me and without knowing why, I did the same. At the moment we touch I felt a strange sensation. Things were going round and round when I looked down my feet and realized they were taken by the dark viscous body. I perfectly saw my body shifting. I felt the changing of all parts. I did not feel any pain. Thus I could not hold anything so the candle fell off my hands and it put out when it reached the floor. My eyes could perfectly see though.
We did not say a word, it was not necessary. We communicated by telepathy and I knew inside we would leave that room to attract new inhabitants.


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